COVID-19 Cleaning Policy for High-Touch Surfaces

Current CDC guidelines (as of May 2021) recommend cleaning or disinfecting high-touch surfaces at least once per day. Library staff clean certain high-touch surfaces in the library daily with standard household cleaning products.

Library staff may clean surfaces as needed at the request of a library user. Cleaning products will also be available upon request to library users who would like to clean a surface on their own. Routine cleaning of all other areas of the library will be performed by Texas Facilities Commission staff on a regular basis.

The following high-touch surfaces will be cleaned by either Texas Facilities Commission staff or library staff daily:

  • Common surfaces on public amenities
  • Public library technology including public computers, public copy machines, and public scanners

Other surfaces such as study carrels or tables can be cleaned on request.

page last updated: 15 Aug 2023 9:09 AM