Get a Library Account

Create a Library Account Online

How do I register for a library account online?

Please complete a patron registration form. Library accounts are subject to the Library Use Policy.

Who can create a library account online?

Texas residents and state agency employees can create an account online. You must be physically present in Texas at the time of registration. Due to licensing agreements with the publishers whose content we provide access to, we are unable to offer online registration to Texas residents located outside of the state.

What can I access with my library account?

Accounts created online get access to most library databases (except Lexis Advance) and our digital collection of e-books and practice guides. Accounts created in person at the law library get access to additional resources only within the library, including our full set of library databases (including Lexis Advance) and borrowing privileges for our print materials. Please see the Library Use Policy for more details on borrowing privileges.

How do you determine my Texas residency online?

In order to verify Texas residency, we require that you allow your browser to determine your location via geolocation. We use this information to confirm that you are located in Texas. We have a troubleshooting page if you have issues enabling geolocation in your browser. Also see this informational page with details about how geolocation works.

When does my library account expire?

Library accounts are valid for 1 year and can be renewed online.

I registered online, so why was my account was deactivated?

Library accounts created online will receive immediate access to our digital resources, but these accounts are considered pending until library staff can review them for completion and accuracy. We may suspend or deactivate your account once staff has reviewed it if we determine that information is incorrect or missing, and we will follow up with you via email regarding the reason for deactivation. Please check your inbox and spam folder for an email from the library with more information.

Can I have multiple library accounts?

No. A patron may not register for multiple library accounts, and an e-mail address can be associated with only one library account. Library staff may suspend or deactivate a library account if the e-mail address used to register is associated with another account or if we determine that an account is a duplicate.

Can I apply for a library account in person?

Yes. You may visit the library in person to fill out our borrower registration form and show a valid Texas ID. See our library use policy for details about registering in person.

Request to Renew Your Account

Note: As part of the online renewal process, we ask that you please first fill out our patron satisfaction survey so that we can assess how we're doing. Once you complete the brief 10-question survey, you will be re-directed to the online renewal form. If you have questions or concerns, please call the library at (512) 463-1722.

How do I renew my library account?

You can submit an account renewal request using the online renewal request form. Please note that we do not take requests for renewals over the phone or through e-mail.

What happens once I submit a renewal request online?

If there are no issues with your renewal request, we will contact you at the e-mail address you provide within one business day to verify that your account has been renewed.
Note Account renewals are not automatic and must be processed manually by library staff during business hours.

Can I renew my account before it expires?

Yes! Library accounts can be renewed after they have expired, or they can be renewed early (up to 30 days before the account expiration date). Once you see a notification in your online account about a pending expiration or an expired account, you are welcome to submit a renewal request.

How long is my account active after I renew?

Renewals extend your account for another year.

I just filled out the renewal form. Why can't I access my account?

Unfortunately, our library system cannot yet process online renewals immediately, so online renewals must be manually approved by staff, which can take up to one business day.

Can I renew my account in person?

Yes. You may visit the library to renew your account with a valid Texas ID. See our library use policy for details.

page last updated: 12 Mar 2024 8:29 AM