KIC Scanner

The library has a KIC scanner available for public use. The scanner has a document feeder as well as a face-up scanning bed allowing patrons to scan a variety of materials. Once the pages have been scanned, it is possible to edit them by cropping the scan, adjusting contrast and brightness, rotating the scan, changing the resolution, and changing the scan from color to grayscale to black and white. 

The KIC scanner allows patrons to save the scans in a variety of formats including searchable .pdf, .jpeg, .png, rich text format, or as an audio file. These files can then be saved to a flash drive, e-mailed, uploaded to Google Drive, or transferred to a smartphone or tablet using a QR code. Please note that flash drives can be purchased at the reference desk.

Patrons are required to follow all copyright laws while using the KIC scanner

page last updated: 19 Jul 2023 5:00 PM