Attorney General Opinions

Upon request by certain Texas government officials, the attorney general issues written interpretations of state law.

Opinions do not address factual matters nor do they create or amend existing laws. While considered persuasive, they are not binding. Interpretation of state law is left to the courts.

Opinions can later be overruled, modified, affirmed, and withdrawn.

Opinions (1891 – 1938) Opinions (1939 – present)

Letter Opinions

The attorney general previously issued “letter opinions.” While they carry the same force and effect as a formal opinion, letter opinions concerned non-controversial issues, issues that affected a particular group, or issues local in nature. As of January 4th, 1999, letter opinions are no longer issued. Archived letter opinions are online .

Open Records Decisions and Letter Rulings

The Public Information Act allows governmental bodies to request a decision from the attorney general regarding whether requested information may be withheld under one of the exceptions permitted by law. Open records decisions are online .

The attorney general also issues informal open records letter rulings. Letter rulings are limited to the particular information at issue in each particular request and limited to the facts presented. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, letter rulings are not to be cited as precedent. Open records letter rulings are online .

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