Patron Code of Conduct

The State Law Library is committed to assisting members of the public with the legal research materials and assistance that they need to meaningfully participate in the justice system. In order to provide this service in a safe and respectful manner during the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, we request the following of visitors to our library:

Face Coverings/Masks & Social Distancing

  • Please respect our staff’s right to protect themselves by using social distancing and PPE. When possible, please maintain a respectful distance from State Law Library employees and step back when requested. Staff will not be expected to remove their PPE under any circumstances. If a staff member’s mask interferes with your ability to communicate with them, please see our ADA Accommodations policy for information on accommodations we can provide to assist you.
  • Please practice social distancing with respect to other patrons. This serves to protect all patrons’ privacy related to their legal issues as well as their health and safety. Likewise, please respect any other patron’s request to give them more space.

Use of Library Resources

  • Please limit the copy room to one patron at a time and limit your time occupying the copy room to 10 minutes if someone else is waiting. If you need to make a large volume of copies, our Document Delivery service may be an option.

Patron Behavior

  • Please keep your voice at a volume that is appropriate for a library. Patrons who are speaking so loudly that they disturb others’ research will be asked to speak more quietly or to relocate to a private area of the library such as the lobby or conference room. If a hearing-related disability makes it so that you cannot hear the librarians when they are speaking to you at a volume of everyday speech, we can provide assistance via alternate methods of communication, including reference services via telephone, relay service, and email. Staff will not be required to move more closely to a patron so that they can be heard when speaking at an everyday volume due to risks of COVID-19 transmission.
  • Behavior that is disruptive, harassing, or threatening to library staff or other patrons will not be tolerated.
  • Patrons must comply with requests from staff to change behavior that violates any of the above rules of conduct.

Visitors who violate these rules may be asked to leave the library. Repeated violations of the rules may result in loss of library privileges.

The Texas State Law Library takes its charge to provide members of the public with legal information seriously, as it also takes its duty to provide a safe work environment for its employees seriously. We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining a safe and healthy library for our patrons and staff and look forward to serving you.

page last updated: 19 Jul 2023 5:00 PM